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The new name, Blue Jackets Gastropub, comes not only from the current local Blue Jacket Park but also pays tribute to the area’s history as the previous site for the Orlando Naval Training Center. “Blue jacket” is a term for enlisted personnel in the U.S. Navy. Although there are all types of restaurants in the area, Blue Jacket Gastropub’s owner, Dr. Behrmann, felt Baldwin Park was missing an American restaurant.

Dr. Behrmann says, “We want to provide high-quality comfort food in general American cuisine. We want to offer something for everyone — not just in terms of food choices but in terms of atmosphere. I want it to be a place where anybody can bring anybody. You could come with your family. You could come to watch ball games with your friends. You could come for a date night. We want to offer a little something for everybody with a neighborhood feel.”

Visit Blue Jacket’s Gastropub in Baldwin Park, Florida to experience good company, great food, and all the events we have to offer. Reserve your table today with OpenTable.

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